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Broadway, 2011

The Morrison Gallery  takes sculptor Peter Woytuk to the streets of New York City

Opening October 21,2011

The Morrison Gallery of Kent, Connecticut, in collaboration with the Broadway Mall Association and the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation is hosting an outdoor public installation of Peter Woytuk’s large scale sculptures.

Eighteen whimsical and captivating sculptures will be placed for public view on the Broadway Malls from Columbus Circle to 168th Street. The Malls are a 5.5 mile-long park that provides a welcome green space from the Upper West Side through Harlem to Washington Heights.

Art on the Malls is the Broadway Mall Association’s program to enliven the Broadway Malls with contemporary art. Following in the footsteps of other well know artists supported by the Broadway Mall Association, such as Tom Otterness and Manolo Valdés, Peter Woytuk’s sculptures will soon become a part of New York’s brilliant city landscape and be shared by millions of New Yorkers as they move through their daily life.

The Parks and Recreation Public Art program has consistently fostered the creation and installation of temporary public art  in parks throughout the five boroughs. Since 1967, collaborations with art organizations and artists have produced many public art projects in the New York City parks.

Peter Woytuk is a well known American sculptor whose work ranges  from the small to the grand in an interplay of convex and concave form, space, color and shadow. Animals are a vehicle for expression and favorites are birds of varying sizes and shapes and voluminous, gracefully composed animals such as bulls and elephants. Some are alone, but many sculptures are compositions with fruit of striking colors,stone and other materials.

Many of the pieces for the New York exhibition Peter created in China and Thailand, where he lives for most of the year, and then were shipped to his studio in Kent, Connecticut. There, the final details are being worked out and the sculptures are being prepared to travel to New York City.

The Morrison Gallery  is a stunning gallery located in the small town of Kent in northwestern Connecticut. It is an important gallery catering to local and international artists and art collectors and consistently upholds a personal and inviting atmosphere in an idyllic country setting.

William Morrison, owner of The Morrison Gallery  is the major gallery that exhibits Woytuk’s sculpture. He and Peter have a long established professional relationship and a sincere friendship that has enabled them to go forward with enthusiasm and work closely with the Broadway Malls Association and the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation in this large scale endeavor.

Importantly too, this exhibition has been made possible with an extensive international effort incorporating the skills and talents of many individuals behind the scenes in Kent, New York, Santa Fe, Europe ,Thailand and China.

The display of Woytuk’s sculpture will include a cell phone tour with interpretation by Peter Woytuk and a bilingual text (English and Spanish) funded by Con Edison.

This website is to be an ongoing effort to share this experience and to inform our guests as to what sculptures are to be seen and their locations.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you make it to New York!